Lost to the system

Victor Clifton

  1. Hi I’m Victor an my story about my brother Brian lost to the system doing life in prison I’m sharing this story so it can shine a light on the community of people that can change lives with the wrong decisions making as kids lost in a world of confusion one step leads to another now your is lived in a cage now this starts with me being shot back 1999 an fighting for my life doe to a fight in a house party after seeing the man that shot in another living that house party an me predicting this man will kill someone cause he fresh out of prison high with a gun fast forward to the first house party me getting shot fighting for me life in the ICU with family and praying over to my brother I court fighting for his life on a murder charge an the people testifying against him for money an a witness protection plan sending him to prison for life and a life lost an one Survivor trying to repair his life after meeting the deceased man kids an family becoming friends and family with them. So even when life end it begins in other ways to keep balance in god world. What’s the name?

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